Thursday, January 20, 2011

Washi Tape by the Foot!!!

I LOVE, LOVE WASHI TAPE!!!  If you know me or know Le Box, it's certainly no secret!

When I first discovered Washi Tape through my friend who once lived in Japan, I literally spent months just looking at it online...looking at the rich color palette... admiring the uses...putting hundreds of dollars worth in my shopping cart...realizing that I didn't have hundreds to spend on tape...looking again, and on and on!  Finally, one day I ordered some and it has now become one of my FAVORITE things!

Washi Tape is a huge part of Le Box Boutique, I use it for packaging gifts and store products, I seal my envelopes with it, I use it to post to do lists and notes on my wall ( it can easily be removed with out damaging surfaces), etc.  But one of the greatest things that I do with Washi Tape is sharing it!  Anyone can purchase Washi Tape by the foot at Le Box Boutique for $0.35 a foot, making it easy and affordable to enjoy different patterns and colors!

If you'd like to try some Japanese Washi Tape, here is the listing in my Etsy shop!

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