Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advent Countdown box project..

I know that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet but I would love to share this Christmas Advent countdown project with you! This little project is for counting down the 25 days until Christmas, which is fast approaching. It features the lovely little 2x2 boxes from Le Box Boutique.

 To make this project you will need 25 of the Le Box Boutique's 2x2 Kraft Natural Gift Boxes,
and Kraft Twist Ties, scrapbook paper, adhesive, craft knife. (optional: magnets, and embellishments)

 First I cut 2x2 pieces of scrapbook paper to cover 3 sides of the box. and then decorated them with flair, twine, punched pieces of scrapbook paper. Do this to all 25 boxes.

 Here is where you can customize what you want your Advent Calendar to be! I filled some of mine with shredded kraft paper. Inside I will add strips of paper listing something we will do as a family for each day. It could be helping a neighbor, playing a game, etc. These boxes could also be filled with candy or other goodies. I placed magnets on the back of my boxes and then placed them on a magnetic board I had handy. You could also use a cookie sheet if you want to go the magnetic route. Another idea I had was to make them into Christmas tree ornaments once they were opened.

 Do make your box into an ornament just make two slits using your craft knife.

 Then thread your kraft twist tie through the holes.

 And then tape the ends on the inside of the lid of the box!

Now you have an Advent Calendar ornament!

 I hope that you have been inspired to make your own Advent Calendar! It really is a simple and quick project that can be used year after year! It's a great way to include your whole family in the celebration of Christmas and to do something for others!

Shelley Haganman

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Berry Basket Projects!

I love these berry baskets by Le Box Boutique and I thought I would share some fun ways to create some holiday projects with them! First off is a cute little pincushion project. All you will need for this project is a square of fabric (mine is 11inches by 11 inches), some trim, a spool, adhesive, fiber fill and twine.

First take your piece of fabric and fill it with your stuffing! I just used fabric glue and glued all the ends to each other on the underside of the fabric cushion you have just created. Set that aside and trim the outside of your berry basket! Next, wrap twine around an empty spool. Now it is time to put the project together. Simply place the filled fabric cushion into your basket. Add some adhesive to the top of your spool and place on the underside of the basket. Let it dry and your project is finished. Just add some fun colored pins to the cushion!

 For the next projects I took 3 berry baskets, sprayed them with spray adhesive and then added glitter to give them a festive look! I used turquoise, red, and silver glitter. All these baskets have a styrofoam or floral foam piece sitting in the base of the basket.
The first project I made using my glittered basket is a photo holder! You will need floral wire, twine, washi tape, trim,number stickers, and adhesive.

 To make the cute little washi tape flag holder I simply took some silver floral wire and cut to the length I wanted them. Next, place them in the foam in the base of the basket. Tie the twine and fold a piece of washi tape around the twine. Just cut a "v" in the bottom of the tape and add some number stickers. Using the floral wire again cut a longer piece and roll the end around a pencil, flatten that end and now you have your own photo/saying holder! I added a photo of my nieces and a tag saying "Merry Christmas"! Decorate the box how you would like! I added pom pom trim and filled my basket with white shredded paper that I created with my home shredder! I also added some fun pins as well!

This next basket could be a photo holder, a place setting, or a way to display as message. You will need your glittered basket, shredded kraft paper, a clothes pin, twine, and lace.

First I took my glittered basket and lined it with some vintage lace that I had collected. I then filled the basket with shredded kraft paper. Next, I stuck a clothespin upside down in the foam in the base of my basket. This will hold whatever you choose to put in this project. I printed a graphic on the computer and added a "25" bingo piece! I also tied a piece of twine around the clothespin for an added touch!

The final basket is just a little table top decoration. You will need 2 small doilies, fiber fill, adhesive, floral wire, and decorations.

For this last basket I cut two small paper doilies in half and adhered them to the inside of the basket. Next, I filled the basket with some of the left over fiber fill used to make the pin cushion. Maya Road makes these beautiful transparent snowflakes so I taped a piece of floral wire to the back of them. After that I added some of my flair buttons to the center of the snowflakes and arranged them in the basket.

I hope I have inspired you to make something fun with Le Box Boutique's amazing berry boxes!

Shelley Haganman