Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ok, this is more like a 3 part question. How many colors of felted acorns are available for purchase in the etsy shop, how many custom color orders of acorns are possible, and what crafty and unique ideas can you use felted acorns for?


  1. 11 colours of felted acorns are available for purchase in the Etsy Shop at the moment (olive, lime, moss green with hints of yellow, red, white, blue, pink, island mint, mauve, black, snow white); over 20 colors are possible and they can be used for gift packaging, string them to use as holiday ornaments, a colorful addition for an outside tree, for jewelry like earrings, keychain, or unique filler for jars, vases or bowls.

    1. Great job Serena! However, the possibilities of custom orders for felted acorns are endless, as we can provide any color combination you could possibly want! Email me at ahaun.leboxboutique@gmail with your shipping info.